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Maldives’ reform agenda is satisfactory: Haoliang Xu

Aminath Nishdha Jinan
18 June 2019, MVT 22:00
United Nations Assistant Secretary General Haoliang Xu at the Maldives Partnership Forum. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
Aminath Nishdha Jinan
18 June 2019, MVT 22:00

The United Nations Assistant Secretary General Haoliang Xu, expressed his satisfaction with the reform agenda being carried out in Maldives.

At a session held at the Maldives Partnership Forum about justice, Xu stated that while working with developing countries, UN places the highest priority on sustainable development. He further stated that Maldives’ development agenda includes all the goals the UN has set for developing countries.

The Assistant Secretary General declared that four key elements exist in serving justice. Enforcing laws, establishing a non-reliant judiciary, an independent parliament and non-government institutions.

“We must assure that changes brought to the country are discussed by people of all statuses. Changes must be brought peacefully and citizens should be made aware of them”, he said.

According to Xu, investments towards the development of the country should be permanent and have minimal impact on the environment, adding that the UN was ready to provide any technical assistance needed.

Maldives Partnership Forum consists of discussions regarding the private sector and the business industry. Over 130 people from 35 countries are currently participating in the forum. Cabinet ministers were panellists in the plenary sessions regarding development.