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Gender Ministry investigates case of withholding child's passport

Nafaahath Ibrahim
15 June 2019, MVT 17:18
Education is a fundamental human right - no education system should face gender discrimination . Unfortunately, this problem persists in many developing nations where girls are deprived of education in different ways, for various reasons. The global stance is that nothing and no one should stand in the way of a child's right to be educated as he or she wishes. PHOTO: BOOM LIVE INDIA
Nafaahath Ibrahim
15 June 2019, MVT 17:18

Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services are investigating a man who allegedly withheld his daughter's passport and prevented her from travelling abroad for studies.

According to the ministry, they have received reports of a child who was prevented from going back for studying.

The girl was already studying and came to Maldives only for a visit when her passport was allegedly taken by her father.

The ministry also revealed that they have spoken to the father and the current guardian of the child as well.

"We cannot blame any party since the investigation is ongoing. Both sides have brought up serious issues", said Gender Ministry's Assistant Director Ibrahim Mohamed.

Local media Mihaaru reported that the child was living abroad with a maternal aunt after her mother passed away. Moreover, she has been studying in Sri Lanka under the guardianship of the aunt for three years and this year she will be sitting for O'Level exams.

"The child does not want to stop her education and come back. The father did not let go even after she cried and opposed to it. And so we were forced to report the issue." said a maternal family member of the child.

Mihaaru also reported from sources that the child was held back as her current guardians were misusing the money sent by the father for the girl.