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Parliament hands over judicial matters to Judicial Committee

Ahmed Aiham
11 June 2019, MVT 13:04
Three of the five Supreme Court Justices alongside former Parliament Speaker Qasim Ibrahim (L). PHOTO: NISHAN ALI / MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
11 June 2019, MVT 13:04

The Parliament's Interim Committee, on Monday, decided to grant power to the recently established Judicial Committee to oversee matters of the judiciary.

The Committee will monitor, investigate and take definitive action during such cases.

The Judicial Committee of the Parliament was established in late May, following the inauguration of the 19th Parliament.

The Committee is mandated to hold members of judicial institutions accountable. As such, the committee will monitor concerns related to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Department of Judicial Administration (DJA), Prosecutor General's Office, Attorney General's Office, Employment Tribunal, Maldives Arbitration Centre and additional relevant bodies.

Moreover, it will present comments to the parliament after studying policies related to the judiciary and is authorised to advocate for the removal of an individual approved by the parliament for appointment.

However, the decision by the Interim Committee must be approved by the parliament before it is brought into effect.

Previously, judicial affairs were investigated by the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Institutions.