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Gender Ministry assesses, provides aid to 20 beggars

Raif Amyl Jalyl
09 June 2019, MVT 19:08
Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services Shidhatha Shareef meeting beggars at the local market area. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Raif Amyl Jalyl
09 June 2019, MVT 19:08

Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services on Sunday announced that it is assessing and working to provide solutions to improve the living conditions of beggars near the market area in capital city Male'.

The ministry announced that its 'Intervention Committee' established in February 2019, since inception had observed the status of 20 vagrants and subsequently provided improvements to their quality of life.

Measures taken by Gender Ministry to provide assistance

The Ministry stated that it paved the way for a portion of the 20 to receive social welfare allowances from those that were unregistered but were qualified.

Gender Ministry confirmed to have established relations between individuals in need of medical aid and relevant medical state institutions.

It also linked four individuals requesting for employment to hiring employers. At present, the ministry has successfully secured employment for one of the four.

The Ministry assessed the status of those displaced by familial problems, and work is underway to reformulate connections with family members.

In addition to assisting the sending of displaced individuals to the care of families at their respective islands, the ministry is also collaborating with relevant authorities to investigate two additional cases.

The Intervention Committee was established after the Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services Shidhatha Shareef visited a location close to the local market area, known to be frequented by beggars, in order to assess their situation.