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AG Riffath denies allegations of corruption

Shahudha Mohamed
12 May 2019, MVT 12:50
Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath. He denied all corruption claims against him. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
12 May 2019, MVT 12:50

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath on Saturday denied any allegations of graft against him.

Riffath was accused of acts of corruption in some cases which were concluded in President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration, where the state offered compensation for those mistreated by the former government.

In light of these accusations, Riffath stated that he neither asked for illicit enrichment nor benefited from any corrupt deals in his career.

Additionally, he asserted that he left his private practice as a lawyer in order to serve the people.

"Allegations of corruption made against me are untrue. I will protect public coffers from corruption", he declared in a tweet.

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath's tweet.

Former MP Alhan Fahmy recently accused Riffath and Legal Director of President's Office Ahmed Abdulla Afeef of attempting to secure MVR 2 million from the firm Dheebaajaa Investments.

Civil Court sentenced the state to pay MVR 348 million to Dheebaajaa in compensation for terminating the contract in 2010, which was signed between the two for the company to provide transportation services. Supreme Court upheld Civil Court's sentence on this matter.

An agreement between Dheebaajaa and Alhan's law firm circulated in social media last week, stating that Dheebaajaa must pay 50 percent of the MVR 348 million to the law firm as a success fee.

Alhan Fahmy confirmed that Dheebaajaa Investments was stipulated to pay fees of MVR 174 million to King's Attorneys and Consultants for handling its case to attain compensation from the government for contract violation.

Formerly, Riffath had stated that Dheebaajaa's case will be submitted to Supreme Court for reviewing.

In December, Riffath asked for an opportunity to settle the case outside of court before the Supreme Court upheld the Civil Court's verdict. Alhan accused Riffath of corruption due to the letter sent to Supreme Court by the Attorney General's Office with this request.