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Foreign Ministry briefs Diplomatic Corp on Maldives Partnership Forum 2019

Mariyam Malsa
09 May 2019, MVT 20:53
the briefing held at the Foreign Ministry for officials from the Diplomatic Corps regarding the Maldives Partnership Forum 2019.
Mariyam Malsa
09 May 2019, MVT 20:53

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Thursday, held a briefing regarding the state's developmental priorities and ongoing arrangements for the Maldives Partnership Forum 2019 which is slated for June 17-18.

The briefing was attended by ambassadors, representatives of multilateral agencies and other officials of the Diplomatic Corp residing in Male'.

The Partnership Forum is to be hosted under the theme, 'Investing in a Resilient and Sustainable Maldives', and will mark the first occasion in a decade that the country has invited close bilateral and multilateral partners to deliberate on the direction of government and its main priorities.

During the Forum, details of upcoming projects carried out under the government's 100-day pledges as well as projects relating to governance reform, blue economy, healthcare, education and housing will be shared with partner countries and institutions. The purpose of circulating this information is facilitating the successful implementation of the government's agenda by collecting crucial information, resources, expertise and capacity.

Ambassador-at-large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr Asim Ahmed chaired the briefing which was held in collaboration with key government agencies involved in external resource mobilization. This consists of the President’s Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry Planning and Infrastructure, Ministry of Economic Development and Attorney-General’s Office.

A senior-level delegation from the aforementioned government agencies is scheduled to travel to Sri Lanka and India, to brief diplomats and senior officials on the upcoming Maldives Partnership Forum and respond to any queries on the state's developmental priorities or on the content covered in the Forum.

The delegation, also headed by Dr Asim will hold briefings in Colombo and New Delhi on May 10 and May 13 respectively.