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Transport Authority withholds policeman's license over 'child in basket' issue

Shahudha Mohamed
15 April 2019, MVT 08:47
A screenshot of the video which circulated in social media on April 3.
Shahudha Mohamed
15 April 2019, MVT 08:47

Maldives Transport Authority withheld the licence of the policeman who drove recklessly with a child in his motorcycle basket, for a period of one year.

A 10-second video of the incident, which circulated across social media platforms on April 3, was met with heavy criticism from the public. The video depicts a man swerving and driving along Male’ Ring Road with a child in the basket of his motorcycle, as the headlight shone in the boy's eyes.

Regarding the incident, Maldives Police Service stated that measures were taken against the culprit in accordance with clause (c) of Article 63 of the Land Transport Act.

Moreover, Transport Ministry withheld the licence of two others in accordance with the same clause.

Police revealed one of them to be the driver of a van involved in a dangerous accident that took place in March. The woman wounded in the accident is currently abroad seeking treatment for her injuries.

According to Police, the van driver's licence was withheld for two years.

Additionally, Police revealed that Transport Ministry withheld the licence of the car driver involved in an accident on Sinamale' Bridge last February due to speeding. Reports say that the individual is Ahmed Azmoon, personal secretary for Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof. His licence was also withheld for two years.

Moreover, Ministry of Transport withheld the licence of the taxi driver involved in the accident that took place on the zebra crossing near Senahiya. The ministry also annulled his driving permit following the accident.