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BML launches 'Fethun Tharin' with Swimming Association of Maldives

Mariyam Malsa
13 April 2019, MVT 21:35
An official from BML at the launching ceremony of 'Fethun Tharin'. PHOTO: BANK OF MALDIVES
Mariyam Malsa
13 April 2019, MVT 21:35

Bank of Maldives (BML) and the Swimming Association of Maldives, on Saturday, collaboratively launched 'Fethun Tharin', a programme to instruct people with disabilities how to swim.

Any interested individuals with a disability can participate after submitting a form which is now available from the Swimming Association.

BML launched the programme to provide opportunities for disabled persons to learn basic skills and increase levels of social inclusion for such individuals, thereby promoting sustainable development.

A BML official highlighted the importance of disabled people knowing how to swim considering that Maldives was surrounded by the ocean. He also expressed beliefs that 'Fethun Tharin' would be useful to the disabled community, teach several people how to swim and increase enthusiasm for swimming.

He also expressed satisfaction that the programme could be carried out with full support from experienced coaches at the Swimming Association.

In order to create a healthy society and secure equal opportunities for people with disabilities, BML has regularly hosted special events with numerous organizations. The bank's efforts extend to providing financial assistance and supplying necessary equipment.