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President assures to fulfil the pledges he made to Fuvahmulah

President Muizzu reiterated the pledges he had made to Fuvahmulah City during his presidential campaign and highlights projects for the development of the city which he ensured will be commenced and completed within his tenure.

Aishath Shuba Solih
20 February 2024, MVT 14:16
President Dr Mohamed Muizzu speaking to the people of Fuvahmulah City
Aishath Shuba Solih
20 February 2024, MVT 14:16

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has given his guarantee last night that all the vows he made to Fuvahmulah City during the presidential campaign last year will be fulfilled within his administration.

The president reiterated these vows and assured the completion of the pledges at a meeting held with the people of Fuvahmulah following his arrival to the city yesterday evening as part of his presidential trip around the four southernmost atolls in the country.

During his first official trip to Fuvahmulah following his administration into office, he met with the people of the city at the Gnaviyani Atoll Education Center and assured that regardless of the existing political differences, he will work in collaboration with the council.

President Dr Muizzu remarked that during his term as the Male' City Mayor, the hindered support by the government of the time had obstructed the progress of many projects he had wished to accomplished and acknowledged the importance of governmental support to councils.

Recalling his experience during his term as Mayor, the president highlighted that this government established a dedicated ministry for councils in order to offer a dedicated priority to the councils and that this contentment has been ensured today.

President Dr. Muizzu offering Fuvahmulah City Mayor, Ismail Rafeeq a book containing the president's speeches during the presidential campaign

Following the meeting with the Fuvahmulah Council, the president said that the council has shared their demands with him and that he will inspect all the cases with extreme earnestness.

While the president has initiated the commencement for one the demands of the council today - the Phase 2 of laying tarmac on the inner roads of Fuvahmulah -, he stated that the development of roads will not cease simply because the project was formerly launched by another government.

“During my campaign, I had affirmed that formerly initiated projects will not be dissolved when we assume office. That no doable work will be left discarded,” said the President.

The President assured that with the inauguration of the project to lay tarmac on the city roads of Fuvahmulah, the state ensures full development in all the roads of the city.

President Dr. Muizzu inaugurating the Road Development projects at Fuvahmulah City yesterday

The president has also resumed the revetment construction on the city port and the shore protection projects that were halted for days. He shared that these works will proceed by adopting appropriate changes to allow beach access in three districts.

Furthermore, the president has also assured to develop the city’s harbor after collecting the necessary research in order to alleviate the concerns shared by the Fuvahmulah City council.

The president remarked that the project will be prioritized regardless of its costly expenses as it is a fundamental service necessary for the city. He further stated that despite acquiring the title of a city, Fuvahmulah does not possess an adequately high quality level of healthcare and vowed to establish a refined tertiary hospital in the city.

Fuvahmulah residents at the atoll education center to meet with the president

The president added that the government will conduct deliberations with Fenaka Corporation and find an expedited solution to the dire electricity shortage issue suffered by the city before the upcoming month of Ramadan.

He had remarked that the city has protected a wide area (of its ecosystem and geographically) and therefore, ensured his full support in establishing eco-tourism in the island.

“There is a vision of the council as well. We are prepared to facilitate the path to eco-tourism and provide the full cooperation required for it. With God’s will, we will provide the people the full benefit of this,” President Muizzu stated.

The president appealed to the council to deliberate the matter and submit the proposal to the Tourism Ministry and concerned institutions.