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Two arrests made in connection to Naeema's murder

Lamya Abdulla
26 May 2023, MVT 21:53
(FILE) Murder victim Naeema Moosa --
Lamya Abdulla
26 May 2023, MVT 21:53

Two individuals have been arrested in connection with the brutal murder of Naeema Moosa in Noonu atoll Maradhoo.

Naeema Moosa, who lived alone was found dead with multiple stab wounds on April 7, after a search was initiated when she had been reported missing.

In a tweet on Friday, Police Commissioner Mohamed Hameed said significant progress have been made in the investigation into Naeema's murder. He said that the police have found multiple leads, resulting in two arrests. Furthermore, the police have discovered evidence and conducted searches in several areas of interest that may potentially uncover additional evidence.

DNA and fingerprints were collected from a large number of locals from Manadhoo in the investigation of Naeema's murder.

Despite significant progress in the investigation, the police have decided not to disclose details regarding Naeema's murder.

One of the challenges faced during the investigation was the absence of CCTV footage or other forms of evidence capturing the movement of individuals on the island. As a result, the police investigation relied primarily on forensic evidence.

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