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'Harbouring Gentle Giants'

19 June 2019, MVT 14:46
'Harbouring Gentle Giants' - A collaborative effort by local artists Ahmed Aiham and Moosa Mamduh. ILLUSTRATION: AHMED AIHAM / MOOSA MAMDUH
19 June 2019, MVT 14:46

Submissions by Maldivian artists for our special segment 'Illustration of the Day'

Ahmed Aiham is a self-taught creative and a full-time journalist, using various mediums to communicate with his audience.

His artworks are often created using photo manipulation techniques, feature vibrant colours, geometrical patterns and are heavily influenced through symmetry.

Titled 'Harbouring Gentle Giants', the artwork was conceptualized through a collaborative effort between Aiham and renowned local artist Moosa Mamduh.

Check out more of Aiham's artworks and photography on his Instagram account @anehkenaa