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Navio Amaryllis pays USD 10 million in damages incurred to Rasfari Reef

Lamya Abdulla
06 December 2021, MVT 14:57
(FILE) Aerial shot of the bulk carrier Navio Amaryllis that had run aground in Rasfaree Reef in August: the bulk carrier has been granted permission to leave Maldives as it had paid the amount due in damages --Photo: Mohamed Shaahid
Lamya Abdulla
06 December 2021, MVT 14:57

Owner of bulk carrier Navio Amaryllis pays USD 10 million (MVR 154 million) to Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) as compensation for damages incurred on Rasfari Reef in Male' Atoll, where it ran aground in August this year.

The bulk carrier was en-route to South Africa after departing from Tuticorin, India, when this incident occurred. The ship registered to Panama was 623 feet long, and had ran aground due to engine failure.

Environment Protection Agency (EPA) had previously stated the damages caused by Navio Amaryllis on Rasfari Reef was MVR 893 million (USD 57.8 million). Even though the owner of the cargo carrier had paid the MVR 100 million fine they were issued for environmental damages, the compensation value was later decreased.

The owner of the bulk carrier had appealed the fine EPA had issued them in November. However, Environment Minister stated on Sunday that after reviewing the appeal, Environment Minister Aiminath Shauna had determined there was no reason to decrease the fine issued by EPA.

According to the ministry, they had further discussions with the owner of Navio Amaryllis and Transport Authority. They had then deposited USD 10 million to MMA's account for the fine and the damages.

This is the highest amount of money recovered from a fine imposed under the Environment Act so far. This is also the first time the state was able to obtain the money on condition that it would be used to salvage the environmental damages caused in an incident such as this.

As Navio Amaryllis had paid the money that was agreed between the parties, it has been granted permission to leave Maldives now.

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