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Edition Picks: 7 tea shops in Male'

A truly Maldivian tea is an experience unto itself. Here is Edition's picks of 'Sai Hotaa's around Male' to hit that sweet tea spot when it really matters!

17 July 2018, MVT 15:35
17 July 2018, MVT 15:35

'Sai Hotaa' or tea shops have been sewn into the Maldivian local food culture over time. The average Sai Hotaa resembles a humble personality, with a bright and chatty environment. Closer to home made food, these tea shops serve delights easy on the taste buds and your wallet!

Faseyha Point

Signature 'Mas Buri riha' serving at Faseyha Point

Located on the main road Majeedhee Magu, locally known as “Aiy Balhey Kada”, Faseyha Point is arguably the most popular tea shop in Mal’e. Faseyha Point had established its’ long lived reputation among locals for the signature ‘Aiy Balhey mas buri riha’; a spicy curry cooked with thick chunks of tuna, best served with fresh chili, onion, lime and poppadum.

Dawn Café

Food counter at Dawn Cafe

Dawn Café has maintained a solid reputation for its’ short eats (hedhikaa). The busy tea shop is located near the travellers’ market in Kandi Dhon Maniku Goalhi. Pop into Dawn Café to enjoy the best hedhikaa in town with a budget.

Hotel Memorial

Hotel Memorial at a glance.

Hotel Memorial is also a locally popular tea shop in the capital city Mal’e. Open from dawn until midnight, Hotel Memorial serves short eats and meals around the clock to its’ enthusiasts.

Moon Café


Moon Caf'e is a name that comes easy to all Sai Hotaa occupiers! Serving our favorite tea time short eats and 'Dhivehi Keun' local cuisine platters, Moon Caf'e continues to maintain its quali-tea. Moon Cafe is originally located in Banafsaa Magu, across the Galolhu Stadium, and has now extended to another location near the travellers' market as Baazaaru Moon Cafe.

Petrel Hotel

Side view of Petrel Hotel.

With its service for over a decade, Petrel Hotel does not require an introduction among the Sai Hotaa culture loving locals. This tea shop, located in Iskandhar Magu, has such a high demand that it sometimes takes a challenge to find a seat at Petrel Hotel.

Bachchu Hotaa

Entrance of Bachchu Hotaa.

Bachchu Hotaa is located in Dhanburuh Magu, in the heart of the capital city Mal’e. Serving meals and hedhikaa around the clock, this quaint Sai Hotaa is always occupied, be it noon or night!