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The Edition - A Year in Review

Rae Munavvar
15 May 2019, MVT 12:27
The Edition celebrates 365 of reporting across the Maldives on May 15th, 2019. IMAGE: JAUNA NAFIZ / THE EDITION
Rae Munavvar
15 May 2019, MVT 12:27

Although perhaps only a brief moment in time, the last 365 days have been a vividly kaleidoscopic experience for The Edition and the bright, bustling souls that drive our publication.

Borne out of a love for journalism and fueled by the unquenchable drive for innovation that defines our CEO and Founder, Vaail Zahir Hussain, The Edition simultaneously came to print and went live online on May 15, 2018. At the time, the small but ambitious publication was powered by four young female journalists, each a force to be reckoned with.

Their indomitable spirits brought to life a dream held by many; together these young, dynamic voices represented the Maldives on a global platform, while behind the scenes, weaving a wholesome, learning-focused newsroom - a first of its kind in many ways.

However, The Edition never set out to be gender partial, and balanced media should seek equal representation in all forms. Welcoming male voices on board, we broadened our scope by offering a total of seven internships, intertwining serious experience with educational opportunities via media law, ethics and journalism classes. Of our trainees, we hired four full-time employees and one part-time columnist, doubling our crew and thereby, our potential to provide better, timelier news pieces.

It seems an impossible task, to affix a single adjective to what the journey has meant to each of us. At times, it has seemed more grey-hair-inducing than a-pillar-of-democracy. The process of churning out current affairs, delving deep into the chaos of elections and all that takes place in between, can sometimes seem futile from an observer's standpoint.

But that is only philosophical. Add to that, the familiar struggle of juggling logistics in these dispersed isles, establishing and verifying authentic sources of information, training new talent whilst on the job and simply, learning to navigate the murky waters of news management. Even guided by the prestigious editorial of Mihaaru and their award-winning journalists, it has been far from an easy path and admittedly, a few inevitable tears were shed on the way.

At every turn, it is with no small amount of pride that I say, our journalists rose to the challenge. Pursuing our island story features and people-centric stories, they pushed the boundaries of the established possible; discovering more about Maldives than ever anticipated. As we explored the far north to the depths of the south, we rediscovered what being Maldivian truly meant to us, as individuals, no matter which part of the country we originated from. In the coming months, we hope to share with our readers' more from the hidden treasures uncovered in our travels.

Hopping between resorts, dropping by executive offices and mingling with the crème de la crème of the local business sphere has its perks certainly, but more so, it presents us with the unique opportunity to really get inside the minds of some of the most influential pioneers across various industries. From what we’ve gleaned, we hope to contribute a sense of commercial insight to progress in all aspects of Maldivian business.

Yet, whilst reflecting on the past twelve months, the lingering feeling is an almost overwhelming sense of fulfilment. To have gained a loyal and I daresay, enthusiastic readership as ours has proven itself to be, is a blessing.

It is for that reason that we emerge through it all, stronger and more steadfast in the conscious commitment we have made towards communicating in a manner that is, unfailingly, conscientious in nature.

And so, please raise your glasses of ‘karaafani’ (watermelon juice) with us at the Iftar hour, as we celebrate this rewarding experience with you all. To a prosperous future for The Edition, for journalism, for readers of news, and for all of us living in this beautiful country, and sharing this amazing planet.