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IAS seeking for parties to manage new Flying School in Maldives

Lamya Abdulla
02 June 2021, MVT 14:21
Lamya Abdulla
02 June 2021, MVT 14:21

Island Aviation announced on Monday that they were seeking for parties interested in operating a Flying School in Maldives.

Island Aviation has invited interested parties to inform via email before June 10.

Island Aviation said both local and international companies expressing interest should have the financial backing and technical experience to do so. They should also be prepared and should be capable of operating two flying schools outside of the country as well, the announcement stated.

The flying school will be established via a subsidiary company that would be established in Maldives for this purpose, Island Aviation had said. It is to be operated independently.

Island Aviation opened this opportunity when the current flying school established in Gan International Airport by Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) has a lot of complaints regarding their training. There are students that have been attempting to complete their training in AAA's flying school for over five years, even though the course is projected to finish within 18 months.

The students have appealed to various government authorities on multiple occasions to find a solutions for the obstacles they had faced while trying to complete their education.