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Local artist Sam unveils 'Youniverse' at Angsana Velavaru

Shahudha Mohamed
11 February 2020, MVT 16:16
Local artist Samiyya Shehenaaz (Sam) holding up a self-portrait 'Underwater Galaxies' from her 'Youniverse' collection. The artwork displayed at Angsana Velavaru is the artist's second solo exhibition. PHOTO: SAM
Shahudha Mohamed
11 February 2020, MVT 16:16

Local artist Samiyya Shehenaaz (Sam) unveiled her solo exhibition 'Youniverse' at Angsana Velavaru on February 7, in collaboration with Maldives Artist Community (MAC) and domestic airline Manta Air.

Described as "an eye-opener for self-value and appreciation", 'Youniverse' is Samiyya's second solo exhibition, featuring a collection of warm and dreamy artwork painted in sundry tropical hues depicting the unique marine fauna of Maldives, mainly focusing on oceanic themes and the concept of self-love.

'Mikrokosmos' from Samiyya's 'Youniverse' exhibition. PHOTO: SAM

"I love creating meaningful art pieces that speak to people. Most of my work often has a message or a hidden meaning behind it", the 20-year-old artist said.

"I love using the ocean as a way of delivering these messages to the people. Mother Nature often has a way of explaining situations and life itself, which happens to capture my attention a lot", she further elaborated, referring to her art as a way to express how she viewed the world just as everyone sees it in a different perspective.

Minimal watercolour paintings of ocean fauna from the artist's 'simplicity collection' also exhibited at Angsana Velavaru. PHOTO: SAM

Samiyya stepped into the field as a professional artist after exhibiting her work at the 'Unveiling Visions' exhibition held in 2017 by MAC, an NGO that supports local talent by offering free platforms for artists to showcase their work.

Her first solo exhibition 'Ocean Eyes' was debuted at the Lecute' store in capital Male', garnering noteworthy praise as her paintings were shared extensively across various social media platforms.

Samiyya stated that she aims to make an even bigger impact on society in the future by delivering more meaningful messages that are relatable to people. She further expressed her hope to "eliminate the topic of how art is useless" to help boost the skill level and confidence of young and upcoming artists.

Artwork titled 'Reach for the Sky' from Samiyya's 'Youniverse' collection. PHOTO: SAM

The new collaboration between Angsana Velavaru and MAC enhances the local cultural experience and brings an array of art events such as painting classes and art workshops.

With MAC’s permanent art exhibition at Kuredhi bar at the resort, guests will have the opportunity to purchase the artworks, and with their contributions, support the local artist community.