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Sold-out 'Chanaachaa 2019' delivers "electrifying" show

Ahmed Aiham
15 December 2019, MVT 08:58
Local storytelling collective 'Baburu Seenu' enticed its audience with its trance inducing audio-visual journey. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED
Ahmed Aiham
15 December 2019, MVT 08:58

Artists taking stage for the sold-out music show 'Chanaacaa 2019'at Olympus Cinema in capital city Male' late Friday, offered performances described as "jaw-dropping", "electrifying" by audiences at Olympus Cinema in capital city Male'.

Dhunya Maumoon, Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage, was in attendance at the event, the roster of which featured a mix of established as well as rising musical acts.

Laying the foundation for a night of entertainment was Mohamed Naaif (DJ Baapu), dropping down some minimal beats alongside musician 'Ammacko' and esteemed musician 'Meyna Hassaan' in a percussive jam session.

Up next was the band 'Dhunfini', returning to the spotlight after a 17-year hiatus. Debuting in 2001 at a show held at 'Raalhugandu' (the capital's widely popular wave break and southeast coastline), the band described its formation, as the name suggests, "in the midst of cold mist". Dhunifini played a host of original content within the world of alternative rock music.

Akku from the Alternative rock band 'Dhunfini'. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED
Akku, vocalist and guitarist for 'Dhunfini' tweets following their performance at Chanaachaa 2019. VIDEO: TWITTER

Adding to the multi-genre performances of the night was heavy metal band 'Gravity'. Fronted by Maldivian Idol star Mohamed Muazzin, backing the act were leading metal musicians in the industry including Shahyd Legacy.

'Gravity' band's progressive metal sound reverberated the stage. VIDEO: TWITTER

Following a high-octave performance, Mohamed Shiuz and band laid down the funk with re-interpretations of his classic tunes. Bursting out into the scene in the late 90s and later forming his band 'TAS' in 2009, Shiuz stated that "our local music industry would do tremendously if all the musicians worked towards one goal, together".

Renowned musician Shiuz during Chanaachaa 2019. In terms of original music, Shiuz released the country's first reggae song written in the dialect of Fuvahmulah. VIDEO: TWITTER

One of the most anticipated acts delivered the night's finale performance. Storytelling collective 'Baburu Seenu' delivered a modern fusion of deeply ethnic sounds by incorporating aspects of Maldivian culture and indigenous world instruments.

"There is a message here; a play on your senses both musical and intellectual that is meant to invoke thought and stir conversation", said the collective.

The audience went wild as 'Baburu Seenu' conveyed its beautiful story through its upbeat traditional Maldivian music with a twist - a fusion of world music and indigenous instruments. VIDEO: TWITTER

Chaanaachaa is an annual music event hosted by local entertainment streaming service 'Baiskoafu' to promote original compositions and live performances.

Baiskoafu team's organizer Ahmed Ishaan (Ishaantay) explained that the current climate of the local music industry lacks the space necessary to further develop the art of live performance, itself crucial to enhancement of musicians, adding that they are also unable to generate revenue from their talents, an issue-driven by public preference for accessing music through free digital platforms.

Baiskoafu donated 50 percent of the ticket sales to Tiny Hearts Maldives, while the remaining revenue was distributed among the performing acts. Entry tickets were sold for MVR 100.

Baiskoafu donated 50 percent of the show's proceedings to charity. PHOTO: TWITTER

"We want to foster the spirit in which an individual band hosts shows and earn for themselves," said Ishaan.