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Vacay Tips: What to pack for Eid

10 August 2019, MVT 19:33
al-ha eid 2019
10 August 2019, MVT 19:33

Eid holidays never fail to reignite excitement, it is a time to break away from our robotic everyday routines. And it is in that flurry of busy happiness that twice every year, we Maldivians hassle to plan our mini-vacations.

Over the last few years, island getaways have become more and more popular among locals. Instead of flying abroad, many book guesthouses on different islands.

That in mind, here's a few helpful pointers guiding your packing this year, as you ready yourselves for well-deserved family time, relaxation and celebrations!

1. Roll your clothes to save space, cut down wrinkles

Rolling your clothes instead of folding can save a lot of space. PHOTO: GOOGLE

One of the most pro-tips for packing is to roll up clothes instead of folding them. This helps to prevent crazy wrinkles and not to mention save up space.

(Yes, it'll get you the space needed to fit in your five almost identical shirts that we know you cannot do without!)

2. Fold an item of clothing into your hat to prevent squishing

How to pack a straw hat. PHOTO: GOOGLE

Hats of various sorts have become so very popular with holiday goers. Sure, we say it's mostly due to the hot sun, but let's admit that a vacay by the beach is hardly complete without an insta-worthy picture in a hat. So for this purpose, keeping the hat in tip-top shape is a necessity.

A couple of small, light pieces of clothing would keep the crown of the hat in shape. Keep in mind not to 'stuff' the hat as this might also ruin the shape.

3. Sunscreen!!!

Sunscreen is a must for a day at the beach. PHOTO: GOOGLE

Spending the day at the beach without sunscreen is a big no-no! So don't forget to get a sunscreen with the highest SPF you can get your hands on to keep your skin protected while having fun.

4. Rain and waterproof gear

Umbrella doubles as both water and sun protection. PHOTO: MIHAARU

We know we know, it is such a bummer to talk about rain right after sunshine but the weather forecast for Eid this year is significantly wet - especially in the Central and Southernmost regions. On the plus side, these days weatherproof gear usually comes in foldable, packing-friendly sizes!

Not to fret though - easily remedied with some umbrellas and raincoats - splashing around in big puddles is so underrated and it might even be the closest that little ones from the city get to authentic Maldivian childhood these days!

In any case, waterproof gear always comes in handy; be it in the form of dry bags or waterproof phone covers. No one wants to sacrifice those awesome Eid snaps, but no sense in risking expensive electronics either!

5. Ziplock bags - your new travel buddy

Multipurpose ziplock bags come in handy when packing for holidays. PHOTO: GOOGLE IMAGE

From sealing toiletries, protecting your shoes to organizing your outfits - ziplock bags are infinitely useful when packing. They can even be used to store your favorite snacks.

Particularly if you are travelling with children, ziplock bags can aid in managing and separating everyone's items with amazing ease.

Not to mention, they are super cheap, reusable and come in a wide range of sizes. It never hurts to have a few extra bags packed wherever you go.

6. Mini toiletry pack to fill with your products

Mini versions of toiletries. PHOTO: GOOGLE IMAGE

Carrying your toiletries can be a bulky process, even if you're aiming for travel-size products you are accumulating unnecessary waste.

Rather, pack smart this time by getting a pack of travel size bottles and filling the containers and tubes with your own personal care products from home.

Bonus - this way, you can have mini versions of all your favourite, tried and tested products with you at all times.

7. Reusable water bottles and straws

Re-usable water bottle and straws. PHOTO: GOOGLE IMAGE

It is very important to keep hydrated while having fun, in the sun and otherwise, so carrying a water bottle is a must.

That in mind, instead of buying a single-use plastic bottle or getting plastic straws every time, why not carry a reusable bottle and straws?

Both of these items are now readily available. Also, most reusable straws come with a little brush to keep them clean.

Don't worry about running out of water, most of the accommodations will fill up your bottle upon request.

8. Make a packing list

A packing list can help ensure you don't forget any essentials. PHOTO: GOOGLE IMAGE

Bring an end to all your anxious thoughts of whether you are bringing all your essentials or not by making a list.

Keep ticking off items as you pack to keep track.

A list also helps with packing the right amount of everything.

Happy travels and Eid Mubarak!