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A gourmet journey with Michelin-star Chef Jean Marc Boyer at Hideaway resort

Ahmed Aiham
04 February 2019, MVT 22:01
Michelin Star Chef Jean Marc Boyer is set to take Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa on an exciting gastronomical journey. PHOTO: HIDEAWAY BEACH RESORT AND SPA
Ahmed Aiham
04 February 2019, MVT 22:01

Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa is collaborating with Michelin-starred Chef Jean Marc Boyer for an exclusive display of traditional French cuisine from February 26 to March 8.

Together with in-house executive chef Olivier Ramos, Hideaway aims to create a sensory experience for their guests as both Chefs combine their talent and presentation of the French cuisine, to create dishes that are elegant with exquisitely balanced flavours to be showcased in Hideaway’s restaurants.

“Every day I cook something different depending on what ingredient is available from the local market in my village. The way I cook is very sensual. I touch the ingredient, feel it and then I get inspiration of how I want to cook it. Cooking something is like to give it another life ”, stated Chef Jean.

The guest chef has experience working with great masters, including Pierre Gagnaire, Gérard Mulot known as the best Pastry Chef in Paris, and the Michelin-star master Alain Ducasse.

“We are pleased to bring in Chef Jean and more of his calibre in the future and so I am thrilled to be able to create something exceptional for our guests that will delight and amaze their senses during their stay”, says Christian Szabo, general manager of Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa.

A disciple of Auguste Escoffier, also known for his impromptu culinary style and creativity, Chef Jean learned the trade in best-starred restaurants which inspired him to prioritize the freshness of ingredients - 'from the basket' concept and to develop a high-quality, elaborate French cooking philosophy.

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