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New managing director appointed to Allied Insurance

Mariyam Malsa
31 January 2019, MVT 11:28
Newly appointed Allied Insurance MD Shafaz Mohamed (L) and his predecessor Ahmed Ameel. PHOTO: FACEBOOK
Mariyam Malsa
31 January 2019, MVT 11:28

Shafaz Mohamed, on Wednesday, was appointed the Managing Director of Allied Insurance, the largest insurance company in Maldives.

The newly appointed MD has more than 24 years of experience working at Allied, which is a a subsidiary company of State Trading Organisation (STO).

The previous MD, Ahmed Ameel, had resigned from his position in December, after filling the position for five years and spending a total of 24 years with the company.

Former MD Ameel posted a picture of himself and his successor, stating that Shafaz would make a capable leader and bring advancements to Allied Insurance.

The appointment was made on the same date marked as the insurance company's anniversary. While Allied celebrated its 34th year of operations, sales had increased by 112 percent over the past five years. Furthermore, Allied's insurance capacity has increased to USD 120 million.