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Local company Sea Life files cases against HDC, Economic Ministry

16 November 2018, MVT 08:08
16 November 2018, MVT 08:08

Sea Life Global Inc Private Ltd filed a case against the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and the Ministry of Economic Development because they were accused of taking MVR millions in order to complete 3000 housing units in Hulhumale’.

HDC approved the housing project by Sea life in 2015 and leased them a plot of land in Hulhumale’. Since then booking fees and down payment for the flats were collected from the people who signed up to confirm their bookings.

HDC and the Economic Ministry accused Sea Life for not being able to re-pay some of the people who had already made their payment towards the flats. In addition to the accusations made against Sea Life, 191 people filed a case against the Economic Ministry and HDC as well. This law suit is the largest class action filed in the history of the Maldives.

191 people who filed this case called onto the Economic Ministry and the HDC to make a refund worth MVR 22 million. Furthermore, the Economic Ministry and HDC have appealed to secure MVR 22 million from Sea Life, and the housing project have come to a standstill as Sea Life has failed to pay proper attention towards their housing project.

The case against Sea Life has been reported to the police and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) as well.

The case was presented to the police and to ACC over of dishonesty and fraudulent conduct by those who were responsible for the millions of MVR that were taken from them.