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Maldives promotes tourism at World Travel Market

Ahmed Aiham
06 November 2018, MVT 14:10
Maldives exhibition at WTM 2018. PHOTO: VISIT MALDIVES
Ahmed Aiham
06 November 2018, MVT 14:10

The Maldives commenced its exhibition at the World Travel Market in London, United Kingdom, on November 5.

The fair, which is held until November 7, sees 169 delegates from 65 companies advertise Maldives in the fair. The contingent comprised of Resorts, Hotels, Guest Houses and other stakeholders in the tourism sector, is led by the Ambassador of Maldives to the United Kingdom, Belgium and European Union, Ahmed Shiaan.

The business-to-business fair aims to network international travel agents, travel media and other tourism-related businesses. The Maldivian delegate is currently conducting business meets to promote an influx of visitors to the country.

Apart from the business meetings, the exhibition showcases the natural beauty of the Maldives, with visitors able to experience the Maldives in virtual reality.

The Maldives exhibition is found in the lobby dedicated for Asia/Pacific and Indian Ocean destinations, represented by a 345 square metre, two-storey stand, which is 69 square metres larger than the stand constructed for Maldives at the WTM in 2017.

In order to provide visitors with demonstrations of the traditions of Maldivian culture, delegates are donning the traditional dress 'Libaas' and the traditional sarong 'Feyli'. Furthermore, to experience Maldivian cuisine, visitors are able to indulge in traditional snacks such as 'theluli banbukeyo', deep fried breadfruit and 'kulhi kaajaa', deep fried dough infused with traditional fish paste.

Maldivian delegation at WTM 2018, London. PHOTO: VISIT MALDIVES

The exhibition features a lucky draw in which the winner acquires the opportunity to spend a holiday and witness the beauty of the country. The holiday package is sponsored by MO Hotels and Resorts.

To emphasize the presence of Maldives at WTM, walkway screens are used by the Maldives Marketing Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) to depict Maldives in the form of images and videos. The walkway screens are displayed at the Prince Regent entrance, the main entrance of WTM. Lanyards with 'Visit Maldives' brandings are also distributed at the fair.

The Maldives has been represented annually at WTM since 1984. This is the 34th year that the island nation has participated in the fair.