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Reclamation begins in Rahfalhuhura lagoon for resort development

Fathmath Shaahunaz
24 May 2017, MVT 18:15
Satellite image of K. Rahfalhuhura and its lagoon.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
24 May 2017, MVT 18:15

Land reclamation has begun in the lagoon of Kaafu atoll Rahfalhuhura island for the development of three ultra luxury resorts.

The resorts will be developed by Singaporean real estate firm Pontiac Land.

The Ministry of Tourism first awarded the small Rahfalhuhura island for resort development to Mesa RF Pvt Ltd in April 2015. The island had previously been leased as a picnic island.

The government has not revealed the price for which the island and its lagoon are leased or the cost of the project.

However, Tourism Minister Moosa Zameer proclaimed that the project will be completed over the next two years or so. According to the minister, the resorts operated in the reclaimed lagoon will be ultra luxury brands.

“Moreover, there will be staff accommodation and a training resort as well. There will also be special facilities to dock luxury yachts,” said the minister.

Minister Zameer added that that the resorts will create over 1,000 jobs once they are completed.