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Construction of Arabiyya School begins, to be completed in 2 years

Arabiyya School's construction has commenced on Saturday. The work is scheduled to be completed within a timeframe of two years.

Mariyath Mohamed
25 February 2024, MVT 09:34
Education Minister, senior officials of the school and a number of students at the inauguration of the Arabiyya School construction.-- Photo: Education Ministry
Mariyath Mohamed
25 February 2024, MVT 09:34

Construction of Arabiyya School has been commenced yesterday by AMIN Construction. The agreement is to complete work within a two year timeframe.

The old building housing Arabiyya School was vacated last January after several major cracks were observed in the concrete pillars of the building. The building had been used by the school for nine years by this point. Operation of the school was temporarily shifted to the old Foreign Ministry building. Currently, the school is using the temporary building constructed earlier for the use of Dharumanvantha School when their school was under construction.

The former administration led by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih then allocated the old Jamaluddeen School land for the building of Arabiyya School. However, once President Dr Mohamed Muizzu assumed office, he changed this to the old wasteyard at Block number 381 which is larger in size. He declared that this block is permanently allocated for Arabiyya School.

Minister of Education Dr Ismail Shafeeu attended the inauguration ceremony held on Saturday to mark the commencement of the construction of the new school building.

Details of the new Arabiyya School building

- An underground parking facility which can accommodate more than 150 motorcycles and four wheeled vehicles deemed necessary for the school

- 42 classrooms

- Science lab

- Laboratory

- Multipurpose hall

- Turf for students to conduct activities on

The necessity to relocate continuously caused multiple complaints from parents during the past administration. Hence, it is one of President Dr Muizzu's presidential pledges to provide a permanent solution to the issue.