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Pioneers advice: Don’t stray away from One Island-One Resort concept

Malika Shahid
17 September 2022, MVT 18:42
Hussain Afeef and Mohamed Umar Maniku speaking at GM Forum 2022 -- Fayaaz Moosa
Malika Shahid
17 September 2022, MVT 18:42

The pioneers of tourism in the Maldives Universal Chairman Mohamed Umar Maniku and Hussain Afeef has urged not to deviate from the "One Island-One Resort" concept.

Speaking at the sixth edition of General Managers Forum hosted at Kurumba Maldives on September 15, Afeef said Maldives is a country with naturally separate islands and if that is changed, the country's diversity will be lost.

When asked about how tourism in Maldives will be developed, he said it is very important for resort developers to think about the presence of different resorts closeby which could destroy the unique characteristics of Maldives.

Tourism entrepreneur Hussain Afeef speaking at the GM Forum 2022 -- Fayaaz Moosa

"Naturally, the islands are far apart. But now noise made in one resort is carried to another, which is a difficulty for tourists in the resorts," he said.

When asked by a forum participant what he thought about the Integrated Fari Island Resort concept, Afeef said it was too late to express his views. He said Maldives tourism should be conducted in such a way that the basic principles are not changed.

Expressing concern about the future development of resorts close together in Maldives, he said the current resorts are similar to hotels in countries such as Spain.

Tourism entrepreneur Mohamed Umar Maniku speaking at the GM Forum 2022 -- Photo: Fayaaz Moosa

Manik said the government has the power to change these things or introduce a different concept. However, he also urged the country to maintain its distinctive characteristics while developing the sector.

"These are things that the government can control through policies. Maldives tourism has developed by taking big risks," he said urging to use their experience.