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Bank of Maldives introduces 'Digital PIN' service

Ahmed Aiham
25 October 2020, MVT 13:47
Wireless NFC cashcards used by Bank of Maldives. PHOTO: BANK OF MALDIVES
Ahmed Aiham
25 October 2020, MVT 13:47

Bank of Maldives, on Sunday, introduced its digital PIN service, enabling customers to digitally change and set their PIN for debit, credit and prepaid cards via BML's Internet Banking service.

The move is expected to greatly reduce inconveniences for users as it eliminates the need to visit the bank or request for a PIN change. The service further alleviates troubles for customers overseas as it removes the need for a PIN postal service.

"The new digital PIN will significantly improve customer experience by eliminating processing and waiting times required for paper-based PINs", said BML’s CEO and Managing Director Tim Sawyer.

"This comes as part of our digitalization roadmap which has seen the introduction of numerous online banking services including internet banking registration, and online queuing for the first time in the Bank".

The main bank of Maldives operates a nationwide network of 38 branches across all 20 atolls, 61 Self-Service Banking Centres, 124 ATMs, over 200 cash agents and a full suite of Digital Banking services. BML reiterated its commitment to supporting individuals, businesses and communities across the country.