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SIMDI launches new mobile app 'SIMDI Online'

Fathmath Shaahunaz
29 June 2020, MVT 20:34
SIMDI Group launched its new mobile application 'SIMDI Online' on June 28, 2020. PHOTO/SIMDI
Fathmath Shaahunaz
29 June 2020, MVT 20:34

Premium local distributor SIMDI Group launched its new mobile application 'SIMDI Online' on Sunday.

The app provides customers access to SIMDI's entire product portfolio, which represents more than 200 brands and 15,000 products, including Beverages, Cameras & Accessories, Clothing, Coffee & Tea, Condiments, Confectionaries, Snacks, Health & Beauty, Office Automation, Rice & Pasta, Sanitary and Professional items.

"This mobile application aims to be the biggest and most comprehensive platform giving access to the most diverse range of international products", said SIMDI Group in a press release.

SIMDI Online allows customers to not only select preferred time slots for deliveries, but live track their purchase from the moment SIMDI's delivery agents pick up the purchase until it is delivered to the customer's doorstep as well.

The delivery service runs from 0900 to 2100 hours every day of the week, with deliveries made throughout capital Male' and the suburb of Hulhumale'.

SIMDI Group's delivery agents deliver packages within the Greater Male' area. PHOTO/SIMDI

SIMDI also provides a range of payment options for customers, including via Bank of Maldives (BML), Islamic Banking, Ooredoo Maldives' m-Faisaa, and cash on delivery.

Moreover, SIMDI assured that its delivery service prioritises the safety of both customers and delivery agents amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They asserted that the company will abide by all the guidelines stated by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), including the use of appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) gear and other safety procedures throughout.

According to SIMDI Group, one of the main reasons for developing the SIMDI Online app was to adapt to the current COVID-19 situation, to allow its customers to order items from home and ease the delivery process.

Prior to the launch of the app, the group noted they they accomplished more than 100 deliveries at minimum on a daily basis during the pandemic.

"The application allows our teams to increase this capacity immensely while ensuring our customer service is a priority".

SIMDI will continue to update the app weekly on new products and promotions available, while several new features are to be unveiled over the coming months.

Bringing internationally renowned brands such as Illy, Dilmah, Electrolux, Canon, Monin Syrup to the Maldivian market, SIMDI is one of the leading distributors in the country in both retail and wholesale. Aiming to "Recreate Commerce" with its diverse range of products, SIMDI asserted that the company will keep striving to improve services and quality for its customers.