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Qatar Airways ramps up efforts to assist passengers to return home

Ahmed Aiham
26 March 2020, MVT 21:07
A Qatar Airways flight. PHOTO: QATAR AIRWAYS
Ahmed Aiham
26 March 2020, MVT 21:07

Qatar Airways on Wednesday announced efforts to further revamp its operations and continue flights to over 70 destinations amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic in a bid to "reunite stranded passengers with their loved ones".

Qatar Airways video 'Taking You Home' reassures passengers of their return homebound.

“Figures for the last seven days show load factors of over 80 percent for flights to the United Kingdom, France and Germany, with a fall to 36 percent for outbound services from those countries", said the company, pointing to the demand for homeward travel.

"Our commitment to bring people home"

- As part of the efforts, the airline has extended its services with an additional capacity of 10,000 passengers to its network.

- The provision of charter services to Europe and the United States from Asia.

- Extra flights to Paris, Perth and Dublin from Doha, Qatar.

- Upgraded services to Frankfurt, London and Perth with the addition of the Airbus A380.

Over the past week, Qatar Airways flew more than 100,000 passengers homebound. A total of 72 percent of all passengers on March 24 were nationals returning to their countries.

In collaboration with embassies around the world, the airline has operated one-off services from Asian destinations to Europe. "More than 5,000 passengers were flown home by these services over the last week - a number that is expected to more than triple over the next week".