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Dilmah, SIMDI host international Tea Appreciation Day

Nafaahath Ibrahim
21 July 2019, MVT 13:18
Group photo taken with some of the attendees of the Dilmah Tea Appreciation Day event held in collaboration with SIMDI Group in Kurumba Maldives. PHOTO: SIMDI
Nafaahath Ibrahim
21 July 2019, MVT 13:18

Family-owned Sri Lankan tea company 'Dilmah' hosted an international tea-tasting event on Saturday in collaboration with SIMDI Company Pvt Ltd.

Held in Kurumba Maldives, the event welcomed participation from 50 different local resorts.

The event was hosted by Dilhan C Fernando, son of Dilmah company's founder Merrill J Fernando and CEO of Dilmah Tea. He kickstarted the event with a brief look into the history of tea as well as the specialty of Dilmah tea.

Dilhan C Fernando, son of Dilmah company's founder Merrill J Fernando and CEO of Dilmah Tea explaining how best to enjoy various types of tea to the attendees. PHOTO: SIMDI

Fernando spoke about the use of tea in gastronomy and crafting an experience for those who sample it. Under his guidance, guests received the opportunity to experience a specially crafted menu which paired each tea with various canapes picked to complement the unique flavor.

According to the CEO and tea connoisseur, it is important to explore newer, fresher and more modern ways of enjoying and brewing tea, while also keeping a hold on the traditional ways to enjoy tea.

In addition, Polish bartender and a mixologist for Dilmah, Tomek Malek wowed the crowds during the showcase of drinks made using a range of products from the Dilmah Elixir of Ceylon collection.

The Elixir of Ceylon is a tea concentrate that can be used to make a variety of drinks such as cocktails and ice teas, as demonstrated by Malek.

Onlookers were stunned by the four-time winner of the World Flair Association's Roadhouse Championship as he demonstrated his superb talent and impressive flair bartending skills.

Maleek then proceeded to talk through brief how-tos for interested parties to concoct delicious tea-inspired beverages on their own.

Tomek Malek, flair bartender who is a four-time WFA Roadhouse World Champion and Dilmah's representing mixologist. PHOTO: SIMDI

SIMDI Company first introduced the Sri Lankan tea brand in 1999 and since, it has grown exponentially in popularity.

Director of SIMDI Group Ibthisam Ibrahim Didi expressed the company's excitement to introduce a new trend in tea making as well as heighten tea appreciation in the Maldives.

"Our hope is that we can elevate tea appreciation to the next level. The idea is.. obviously we started 20 years ago with a few pallets and very low demand. We have seen an expansion in that."

A percentage of the profits generated from the brand's tea sales goes toward the Dilmah family's MJF Foundation to care for the disabled and empower marginalized women, men, and youth.

Some of the profits are also donated to Dilmah Conservation, a non-profit targetting the conservation and restoration of the environment.