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Ooredoo launches 10th Season of 'Masrace'

Shahudha Mohamed
10 April 2019, MVT 17:35
Two teams that took part in 'Ooredoo Masrace 2018' PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
Shahudha Mohamed
10 April 2019, MVT 17:35

Ooredoo Maldives, on Wednesday, announced the 10th season of 'Ooredoo Masrace', the annual fishing tournament hosted by the telecom giant during the holy month of Ramadan.

Entries for 'Ooredoo Masrace 2019' will be open from April 11 onwards.

As the 10th anniversary special and to encourage more women to participate in the fisheries industry, Ooredoo will be hosting a special round only for female teams. Similar to the other rounds, the winner will be placed among the top four teams competing in the grand finale.

Government institutions, corporations, and the general public can take part in the tournament in teams of 12, including a manager and a coach.

A total of 16 teams will be selected for the tournament, including the winners of 2018 and four female teams. Participating teams will be chosen by drawing lots if more than the allocated number of teams apply.

Similar to previous years, Ooredoo Maldives and partners of 'Masrace 2019' will provide prizes for awards such as 'Thafaathu Team', 'Thafaathu Maakeyolhu' and 'Emme Thafaathu Anhen Keyolhu' based on the performances shown in the tournament.

'Ooredoo Masrace' will be held every Saturday throughout Ramadan with the exception of the last ten days, with the grand finale scheduled right after Eid al-Fitr.