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ID cards to begin being issued with the submittance of a letter from the owner

DNR has changed their policy to allow issuance of ID cards to other individuals if they come bearing a letter addressed by the owner permitting authorization to a third party.

Aishath Shuba Solih
20 February 2024, MVT 19:08
A Maldivian citizen's identity card
Aishath Shuba Solih
20 February 2024, MVT 19:08

The policy has been altered to allow Identity Card issuances to third parties once a letter addressed by the owner, permitting the issuance of the identity card to the individual stated in the letter is submitted.

Department of National Registry (DNR) released an announcement stating that arrangements to facilitate the most alleviated ID card acquirement procedures for citizens are underway.

Therefore, effective next Sunday, ID cards will begin being released with the submittance of an owner’s letter to the individual authorized in said letter, he said.

If the owner submits a complaint stating that their identity card was not received after an ID card has been issued through this procedure, the department will request the police to investigate the matter.

Department of National Registration (DNR) has previously been issuing ID card solely to their owners. However, many senior citizens have been facing difficulties in accessing their ID cards due to this policy.

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