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Ooredoo introduces KARTI Store in Maldives

Mariyam Malsa
19 January 2021, MVT 21:01
A customer at the Ooredoo Maldives customer service centre. PHOTO: OOREDOO MALDIVES
Mariyam Malsa
19 January 2021, MVT 21:01

Ooredoo Maldives, on Monday, introduced KARTI Store, an online platform for eGift cards and gaming codes.

KARTI Store offers customers a range of gift cards and codes from online stores and games including iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Netflix, Spotify, PUBG, League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

Customers will be able to make purchases on KARTI Store without a credit card, with the cost of purchases made on the platform deducted from Ooredoo mobile balance.

"Across the country, we are witnessing a growing popularity of accessing for online gaming, shopping and streaming. However, purchasing online from e-Commerce websites or from mobile application stores requires a credit card, which is a difficulty for many people", stated Ooredoo Maldives' CEO Najib Khan.

"With our partnership with Karti Store, we are providing an easy solution for this by enabling our customers to use their mobile balance to purchase gift cards and codes for popular global brands such as iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, Amazon, PlayStation, Xbox and more".

Interested individuals can sign up for the Karti Store by visiting

Customers can follow the steps below to buy a card on KARTI:

- Select the desired brand

- Select the desired denomination

- Insert mobile number and confirm purchase

- After confirming purchase, a PIN number will be sent to user’s mobile number for verification

- Insert PIN in the field to confirm purchase. If the PIN is correct, the process will be completed successfully, and the card will appear in My Cards page.