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Victory Club to push for 'no-confidence vote' at FAM congress

Shahudha Mohamed
25 March 2019, MVT 11:31
Press conference held at FAM with the ambassador of FIFA. PHOTO: MIHAARU / NISHAN ALI.
Shahudha Mohamed
25 March 2019, MVT 11:31

Victory Sports Club proposed for all the submissions they made in the extraordinary congress to be included in the agenda of Monday's ordinary congress, as FIFA guaranteed that the submissions can be included.

Football Association of Maldives (FAM), however, had stated that there is no lawful way to include Victory's proposal in the agenda of the ordinary congress.

Ordinary congress is held annually for member clubs vote on the issues included in the agenda by the executive committee. Extraordinary congress is held when a certain number of clubs request the association to hold a meeting. In this case, the agenda of the congress will also be determined by the clubs.

The 12 clubs, led by Victory, proposed for an extraordinary congress in order to take a no-confidence vote of FAM's leadership, as well as amend the charter and appoint a normalisation committee to hold a new election.

When FAM failed to hold an extraordinary congress on Victory's demands, the clubs tried to hold a meeting among themselves. However, ambassadors from FIFA and AFC conferred with the clubs and declared that an extraordinary congress could not be held as four out of the original 12 clubs had withdrawn their names.

Hence, the only option left for Victory is to include their proposals on the agenda of Monday's ordinary congress.

However, FAM stated on Sunday that any proposals to be included in the agenda must be submitted 35 days prior to the congress, and Victory had failed to do so.

Victory replied that FAM failed to notify all clubs of the date and venue of the congress 45 days prior to the meeting as per charter regulations. The club further stated that they submitted their proposals 35 days prior to congress on February 10, referring to their proposal to hold an extraordinary congress.

Since their original proposal was to hold an extraordinary congress, there is no regulation that their proposal must be included in the agenda of the ordinary congress. Despite this, Victory is holding onto the word of FIFA's ambassador that their proposals will make it to the agenda.

Congress has the right to a total of 22 votes, out of which 17 was initially on Victory's side. However, due to three clubs withdrawing their name, the numbers dropped to 11. FAM's charter requires half, plus one vote to hold an extraordinary congress, which is 12.

Therefore Victory has not given up, as they still have the backing of half the votes, and neither FIFA nor FAM has revealed the name of the fourth club that withdrew their name.

FAM's ambassador Alexander Gross guaranteed Victory that FAM will endorse Victory's proposals to be included in the agenda. However, the agenday submitted on March 14 did not include any proposals put forward by Victory.

In a statement given to local media Mihaaru, General Secretary of FAM Hussain Javaz state that since none of the clubs had submitted any proposals before the 35 day period prior to the meeting, no such requests were included in the agenda.

He further stated that Monday's ordinary congress will consist of approving the association's annual report, audit report and budget.