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UK grants political asylum to Nasheed’s “advisor”

Shaina Abdulla
12 April 2018, MVT 11:38
Shaina Abdulla
12 April 2018, MVT 11:38

Business tycoon and former President Mohamed Nasheed’s “advisor” Abdulla Jabir has been granted political asylum by the UK.

Former Kaashidhoo MP Jabir was allowed entry into the UK on June 20 last year after the Maldivian immigration imposed a travel ban over an ongoing investigation.

The Yatch Tours managing director discovered the travel ban at the airport last June, when he travelled to the UK after a brief stay in Italy.

Jabir’s spouse Dhiyana Saeed took to twitter to express her gratitude on the matter and noted that the journey was long and stressful. Dhiyana further thanked the former president Mohamed Nasheed for his assistance.

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) earlier sued Yacht Tours for not paying the rent and fines of the sandbanks Beenafushi and Kandaali Finolhu in Haa Alif atoll, which were previously leased to the company.

MIRA also froze the accounts of Yacht Tours under its enforcement policy in order to attain the money owed by the company. Following the freeze, Jabir had censured the government and President Abdulla Yameen, claiming that his firm does not owe any money to MIRA.

In addition to former President Nasheed and “advisor” Jabir, former vice president Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, former Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Nazim, former transport minister Ameen Ibrahim and former Maldives Democratic Party chairperson Ali Waheed have all sought political asylum in the UK.