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Hajj operation very successful, will improve further: Dr Shaheem

Maldivian Hajj pilgrims have completed their Hajj. Minister Dr Shaheem said that the hajj operation was a success and assured that areas found lacking this year will be improved next time.

Ameera Osmanagic
20 June 2024, MVT 15:16
Maldives Hajj Pilgrims in Mecca --
Ameera Osmanagic
20 June 2024, MVT 15:16

Maldives had a very successful operation taking Maldivian pilgrims for Hajj this year, but there are aspects to be improved, said Islamic Minister Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed.

In his message to lover 1,150 Maldivian pilgrims, Minister Shaheem said that areas which need improvement have been identified.

"Insha Allah those areas will be improved for next year," the Minister said.

Highlighting that this is the second time such a large number of pilgrims attended Hajj from the Maldives, Minister Shaheem said that in a big event taking place among millions of people, shortcomings are beyond control despite best efforts.

"Humans will err. [Our] biggest priority was the safety and health of the pilgrims during the hot environment," the Minister added.

Islamic Minister Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed -- Photo: Nishaan Ali | Mihaaru

Achievements highlighted by Shaheem

- High quality food with Maldivian flavours were provided

- Highest level of treatment was provided to those unwell. There were dialysis, cancer and heart patients. Everyone received care.

- Those admitted received high quality care

- About 100 pilgrims who got lost were found by using devices

- All pilgrims arrived at Arafat. All unwell pilgrims were also taken to Arafat

- Many wheelchair users were also amongst the pilgrims, and received assistance

- Araft tent arrangements were considerably good

- However, the tent at Mina had some difficulties. Causes for these issues will be looked into and improved

Minister Shaheem extended his appreciation to the Hajj Corporation's management and employees as well as the entire Hajj mission. He also thanked the helpers and Maldivian students in Medina for their assistance to the pilgrims.

"... and a special thank you to the main chef Waheedbe. [I also] thank Dr Adam Shameem and other scholars." the Minister said.

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