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Onion exports to Maldives under a separate agreement, it will continue: Indian High Commission

Indian High Commission has clarified that onion export to Maldives is conducted under a separate bilateral agreement, and will continue.

Mariyath Mohamed
21 February 2024, MVT 11:50
Mariyath Mohamed
21 February 2024, MVT 11:50

The Indian High Commission in Maldives has confirmed that onion exports to Maldives from India has always been conducted under a separate bilateral agreement, and that it will continue without interruption.

"This is facilitated under the existing trade agreement between India and Maldives which allocates quotas to Maldives as per national requirements to ensure smooth supply of selected essential commodities," an official from the Indian High Commission said.

These essential commodities include rice, sugar, wheat flour, onions, potatoes, eggs, dhal, stone aggregates and sand.

The agreement was last renewed in July 2021 and India expanded quotas for export of the selected essential commodities to Maldives until 2024.

"The export of these items is further exempted from any existing or future restriction or prohibition," the Indian High Commission official assured.

The official explained that the next step would be to once again review the agreement, stating that this has been the practice even in the past.

The official reassured that, due to these reasons, there is no cause for concern regarding Maldives not being included in the list of countries that India has issued special onion export permits to.

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