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Government to open applications for another 6,000 flats and 4,000 land plots

Lamya Abdulla
24 September 2023, MVT 12:35
(FILE) Land area allotted for Malé residents land in Hulhumale', captured on January 26, 2023-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
24 September 2023, MVT 12:35

Minister of State for National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure Akram Kamaaludheen said on Saturday that the second phase of housing projects the current administration will develop will include 4,500 land plots and 6,000 flats.

He said the additional 6,000 flats will be given from Hulhumalé.

“We will announce very soon, where we would be giving these lands from. According to the pledge made by the president, housing opportunities will be made available for many people,” Akram said.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced last week that a housing scheme will be announced soon to provide housing and flats to all those who have lived in Malé City for the over 20 years.

He said that the main issue faced by the residents of the city was the lack of housing and that the government was making several efforts to address it. He said 19,000 people will be allotted land and 16,000 will be allotted flats.

For the second phase of the housing scheme, land will also be allotted from an area that will be connected to Malé City by the bridge. Akram assured the area would be more easily accessible than Fushidhigarufalhu.

Some of the beneficiaries who received land plots in the first round from Hulhumalé and Gulhifalhu have received their allocations.

He added that while the Binveriyaa scheme was being implemented, it was a matter of concern for many that those who had applied for flats could not apply for the plots. As soon as the complaint was lodged, that too has now been resolved through a regulation and details will be made public later, he said.

"When the new scheme is announced, those who have received flats will be able to apply for the plots. For example, people that had to purchase flats at exorbitant rates, for example from Gaakoshi and [former] Arabiyyaa [school] flats, according to the government's regulation can be allowed to own land," Akram said.

Under the housing scheme, the government had initially made available only 4,000 flats. However, when approximately 20,000 applicants applied for the flats, the government announced that all eligible candidates would be allocated flats.

According to Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation, there are 8,000 flats under construction in Hulhumalé as part of the scheme. Additionally, they have awarded 4,000 flats to the company Kalpatar Project International Limited for MVR 2.5 billion.

Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation also said that they are currently in the final stages of completing 1,200 two-room apartments and 2,800 three-room apartments in Hulhumalé. These apartments are being constructed across 32 buildings, each with 18 storeys. The government had stated that people would be able to move into these flats before the current term is over.

In the first round of the government's 'Binveriyaa' scheme, 18,955 people were eligible for land, which is 9,003 plots, the housing ministry said.

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