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Nova Maldives to debut workshops for flora and fauna

Rabeeha Amir
03 December 2022, MVT 20:27
Aerial view of Nova Maldives -- Photo: Nova Maldives
Rabeeha Amir
03 December 2022, MVT 20:27

Nova Maldives is preparing to debut their Maldivian Flora and Fauna workshops on 4th December 2022. The workshops will be introduced as part of Nova guests' weekly activities in honor of World Wildlife Conservation Day.

Travelers to Nova can take part in weekly activities that teach them about the vitality of nature and the importance of conserving wildlife. Nova focuses on educating guests and staff members about ways to reduce the carbon footprint on wildlife habitat, return to nature, contribute, and conserve. While the educational workshops are free for Nova guests, it welcomes people to make a humble donation to the World Wildlife Fund.

Fascinating creatures and plants that call Nova Maldives home include fruit bats, herons, waterhens, geckos, garden lizards, and flora like the coconut palm, screw pine, and pink rose. This brand-new visitor activity aims to educate people about the extraordinarily bright coral reef as well as the marine ecosystem that surrounds the island.

The Nova Coral Frame Sponsorship Program, which enables guests to plant their own coral in the Nova coral garden, is one of the sustainability projects carried out in the resort. Visitors will receive online updates that demonstrate how their coral frame is growing in real time by contributing to this initiative. Participating in this activity will help to protect and conserve the natural resources that surround Nova.

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