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License revoked of close to100 illegally registered vehicles

Mohamed Rehan
05 October 2022, MVT 17:59
Male' Magumathi
Mohamed Rehan
05 October 2022, MVT 17:59

Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has revoked the licenses of close to 100 vehicles, found illegally registered.

The vehicles were found either older beyond legally accepted age, or found illicitly registered to Male' zone. The ministry revoked licenses of a total of 98 such vehicles.

Moreover, the ministry publicized license numbers of all the vehicles it had revoked.

While close to 100 vehicles found in breach of transport regulations, earlier in September, the authority had revoked licenses of 37 similar vehicles.

The cancellation of license of road vehicles have come amid growing concerns surrounding garage registration letters. The issue, already brought to the attention of the Maldivian legislative, have been slowly gaining traction.

Several garages in Greater Male' Region have been found in breach of issuing garage letters, exceeding beyond its accommodating capacities.