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Child abuser jailed for 57 years

Lamya Abdulla
23 June 2022, MVT 14:24
(FILE) People at a protest on July 12, 2020, calling for authorities to ensure the safety of women: tthe man will have to serve 54 years in jail, when the time he has already spent in jail becomes deducted — Photo: Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
23 June 2022, MVT 14:24

Criminal Court sentenced a man to jail for 57 years on Tuesday for abusing a minor in his family, and showing the child pornographic videos.

This is the longest jail sentence issued to the perpetrator in such cases in recent Maldivian history. He received the long jail sentence as he was found guilty of three charges pressed against him.

The identity of the man is not disclosed as it may lead to identifying the child as well. Maldivian laws protect the identities of children that are victims of abuse, or involved in any kind of criminal activity.

The state pressed charges against the man, from an island in Vaavu atoll, in 2019.

Criminal Court ruled he was to receive 25 years in jail for sexually abusing the minor while being a relative of them. He was issued another 17 years for conducting a sexual act in front of the child, with intention to show the child, while being in a position of a trusted authority to the child. He received another 15 years of jail time for being found guilty showing the child pornography while being in a position of trusted authority to the child.

He had been charged of touching the child with sexual intent, as well having child pornography of the minor. However, Criminal Court ruled that these charges were not proven.

While the total jail time he was issued came up to 57 years, when the time he had already spent in jail is reduced from his sentence, he has to serve 54 years in jail.

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