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Our guide to the essential places to see and things to do that make your holidays in the Maldives so special

Ribakova Elena
16 October 2021, MVT 14:16
Waldorf Astoria Maldives
How to Plan the Perfect Trip to the Maldives
How to Plan the Perfect Trip to the Maldives
Ribakova Elena
16 October 2021, MVT 14:16

With coral islands sprawled across the Indian Ocean, Maldives has long been considered as one of the most popular romantic getaways to heartily enjoy some tropical charm. Thanks to its crystal clear waters, beneath which lurk the shoal of exotic fishes, rays and sharks. For the pleasant warmth of the sun and a plethora of possible activities, Maldives should be on every modern traveler’s bucket list.

Planning a trip to the Maldives will give you a stunning experience, giving a work break from daily mundane life.

Here is a handy Travel Edition guide that will help you have better experiences without any hassles when you’re touring the beautiful nation of Maldives.Take a look at these travel tips to the Maldives islands before you head there:

Plan According To The Weather.

November through April in common is the peak season of exotic Maldives vacation due to prime weather with endless soft sunshine. For a budget Maldives trip plan, traveling during the shoulder season, between the peak season and off-season, will be among the best Maldives travel tips. Although rain is common during the off-season, it doesn’t rain all day. The period from April to September can be your best bet.

Carefully choose Your Airplane Rides.

One of the most important tips for first-time visitors to the Maldives is to choose regional or domestic flights from Middle East Asia as these are cheaper options. Choosing a direct flight to Male and then a speedboat for Maldives transportation between islands to reach the specific islands will be affordable although you can also choose a round trip seaplane ride which will be an unforgettable experience.

Book Hotels And Flights Online.

Where to stay in the Maldives, which island is best, are some of the common questions that come to mind. In this case, the Travel Edition guide will assist to plan for a wonderful trip there and explore the pleasure of staying in the Islands.Traveling to Maldives tips and tricks are many and among them, one is to check for available flights online.

Go For All-inclusive Or Half-board Facilities.

All-inclusive buffet breakfast and lunch can be a great choice while half-boards will include breakfast, lunch, and drinks with access to A-la-carte restaurants according to many Maldives travel tips.

Pack Wisely.

While considering how to go to the Maldives with proper packing, make sure you don’t pack pork, alcohol or tobacco products (without health warning) along with any religious books. Coming to one of the most important accessories, do carry a water-resistant or underwater camera with a polarizer to shoot all the action on land and underwater.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen.

Being a tropical location, it is necessary for travelers to bring sunscreen with them to protect the skin from being damaged.

Bikinis Are Not Allowed Everywhere.

Try not to disregard the conservative culture of the Maldives which is still prevalent in the local islands. Practice modesty and wear bikinis or skin-tight clothing only when at the resort islands. On the local islands, there are some “bikini beaches”, which are specially meant for tourists to visit.

From November To April Is The Best Time To Visit Maldives.

Who wouldn’t want to capture that incredible mix of white Maldivian beaches and blue waters from the skies? But if you’re planning on bringing a drone to the Maldives, then there are some things you must consider. Many resorts in Maldives have a “No Drone” policy to foster the protection of their guests’ privacy. Check with the resort if they would allow you to fly drones on the island that you’re staying on.

You Don’t Need A Visa While Travelling To Maldives.

Visitors to the Maldives will get a thirty-day visa which is issued on the day of arrival in the Country at the airport only. Therefore, arranging a visa and its validity are not the things that you need to take into consideration but your passport should have 6 months of validity remaining. This validity is needed to ensure a valid return ticket from the Maldives.

Seaplanes Are Wonderful.

The experience of flying to the Velana International Airport is amazing. Whenever you are booking the hotels there in the Maldives, you need to make sure that you book the seaplanes also in advance as these seaplanes are scheduled and available as per the demand and you will be getting the booking confirmation only just one night before you start your trip to the Maldives.