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63% of names in MMPRC Beneficiaries list not investigated

Lamya Abdulla
15 May 2021, MVT 12:16
241- Judiciary joint committee meeting: only one case was closed in the MMPRC Beneficiaries list -- Photo: Majilis
Lamya Abdulla
15 May 2021, MVT 12:16

Investigations of over 60 percent of the 281 names in the MMPRC Beneficiaries list released by the parliament has not started, data shows.

The parliament released two lists on May 12; one an all-inclusive list of 281 names, believed to have benefited from the conspiracy and the other list with 119 of those in state-funded institutions, in the previous and current administration, believed to have benefited from one of the biggest corruption cases in Maldives.

The investigation status of each individual shows where it is currently at. It shows the investigations of over 63 percent of the individuals have not even started yet.

This list was compiled by the Asset Recovery Commission, created on November 17, 2018, as soon as was President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih sworn into office.

While 176 individual's cases are at the information collection stage, 69 cases investigations are ongoing. That is 24.7 percent. Only ten names, or three percent, were at preliminary investigations.

Asset Recovery Commission has said "information collection" refers to obtaining information from banks and other resources. The preliminary stage refers to organizing the information and creating a profile for them.

Only two individual's cases have proceeded so that criminal charges could be pressed.

Eight cases are being considered to press civil charges, the list stated.

Five cases are at at the duty prosecution stage, as their investigations were completed.

Only one case has been closed. Four are at identifying those accused, and three cases are being considered whether to pursue it with criminal or civil charges.

As the list released by the parliament have a large number of individuals that had never been called for investigation nor questioned regarding their involvement in the corruption, the parliament has been receiving a lot of complaints from the public. Even though President of the Asset Recovery Commission Ahmed Assad has said not to consider those in the list as criminals, if one's name being on the lists it is akin to bein accused they benefited from the corruption.