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DDCom to resubmit high-profile murder cases for prosecution

Ali Shareef
10 January 2020, MVT 09:41
Ali Shareef
10 January 2020, MVT 09:41

The high profile murder cases of Dr Afrasheem Ali, journalist Ahmed Rilwan, and blogger Yameen Rasheed, will soon be resubmitted for prosecution, disclosed the Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances (DDCom) on Thursday.

Citing inadequate investigations, the Prosecutor General's (PG) office last week rejected and sent the three cases back to DDCom for further investigation.

DDCom had pressed charges against Mohamed Mazeed and Saamith Mohamed in connection with the murders. The pair are suspected to be involved in running extremist organizations and conducting such activities and are accused of having masterminded the three interlinked murders, finds the special investigative report by DDCom.

Fareesha Abdulla, a member of DDCom and a lawyer, confirmed to local news media 'Mihaaru', that the cases will be resubmitted to PG office after further investigations, as advised by the PG office.

The commission also pressed charges against former Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, for providing false information in connection with the murder of the religious scholar.

However, PG office rejected and sent back Shaheem's case, requesting they file a criminal case with the Police against the former minister.