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India, Pakistan sour over Kashmir during Speakers Summit

Ahmed Aiham
01 September 2019, MVT 21:43
Deputy Speaker of Pakistan Mohamed Qasim Khan Suri, inside the unicameral chambers of the Maldivian Parliament. PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
Ahmed Aiham
01 September 2019, MVT 21:43

India and Pakistan relations, on Sunday, soured over the issue of Kashmir raised by Pakistan, during the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)'s 4th South Asian Speakers Summit, held at the Maldivian Parliament.

The Indian delegation raised concerns over statements by Pakistani Deputy Speaker Mohamed Qasim Khan Suri, regarding the Kashmiri Muslims facing "endless justice", upon which he was requested by Maldivian Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed and IPU's Secretary General Martin Chungong to halt his speech.

However, the Deputy Speaker did not adhere to the demands.

Qasim stopped shortly after Nasheed sternly reiterated the call.

An Indian delegate stated that civil matters are barred from discussion during the summit and that proceedings were negatively perceived.

The delegates' statement garnered a response from a Pakistani official but fell on deaf ears as the Parliament chamber had already erupted into dissent.

Verbal disagreements were depicted on live television as Nasheed broke the session into recess for lunch.