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Ramadan Special - The Quick Ten with Zaan

The Edition pulls aside Zaan out for a recreational drive and questions him about his customs and preferences during the month of Ramadan.

Aishath Shuba Solih
08 April 2024, MVT 17:04
Aishath Shuba Solih
08 April 2024, MVT 17:04

1. Describe yourself?

I love sleeping and I find great joy in the ocean.

2. How is Iftar practiced in your home?

A - Homemade food

B - Takeout *

3. What about 'Haaru' [Suhoor]?

A - Eat before sleeping *

B - Wake up and eat before Fajr

4. Do you notice any physical changes due to the different Ramadan meals?

A - Weight gain

B - Weight loss

C - No difference *

5. 5pm to Maghrib. What are you usually up to?

A - Chilling *

B - Out for a ride

C - Cooking, of course!

D - Just waiting for Maghrib prayer call

6. How's your social life in Ramadan?

A - More socializing *

B - Less socializing

7. 'Ramadan' is derived from the Arabic word "Ramidha". What do you think it means?

A - Peace and quiet

B - Prayer

C - Intense heat *

D - Water

8. Which 'Fani' [Fresh juice] is the best?

A - Watermelon *

B - Guava

C - Mango

D - Orange *

9. How many dates do you eat at Iftar?

A - 0

B - 1 to 3 *

C - 4 to 6

D - 7 ++

10. If you could invite anyone you liked in the world for iftar at your place, who would you choose?

Andrew Tate

Editor's Note: The Quick Ten is a special Ramadan series where we ask the same ten light questions from different people every day of Ramadan. At the end of the month, we will see what people's preferences are in general.

Options chosen by the interviewees are marked with a * at the end.

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