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Seven athletes under 16 division to compete in the national surf league

12 November 2022, MVT 09:31
Runnamaari Challenge 2021: National Surfing Tournament Junior Category Matches
12 November 2022, MVT 09:31

Seven athletes from the under-16 division have been offered the chance to compete in the Rannamaari Challenge men's open division by the Maldives Surf Association.

The MSA has chosen to allow the seven athletes the opportunity to compete under the Wild Card rule despite the men's open division category being for above-16-year-olds. The seven athletes who secured the spots competed in the Junior Surf Championship and got good scores. They have also secured their spots in the junior national surfing team and will compete next year.

Wild Card slot achievers:

Yusuf Kayaan Hamdhan Zaki, 12 years (Under 14) Yaseen Ahmed NAshid, 12 years (Under 14) Kayaan Abdulla Areef, 13 years (Under 14) Sayyud Salahuddin, 15 years (Under 16) Mohamed Inaan, 14 years (Under 16) Ahmed Zayaan, 14 years (Under 16) Ahmed Luzain,14 years (Under 16)

Competing under the Junior team's Under 18 division are athletes Shanif Shafeeq (16 years old) and Mohamed Zayaan (17 years old), both of whom are proficient surfers. Shanif is now ranked 10th among senior surfers and took second place in the National Surf League Open Division competition.

The Maldives Surf Association recognises Rannamaari Challenge as the country's premier surfing competition. The ongoing Rannamaari Challenge is the fourth competition in the 2022 MTCC surf league and is the latest event on the league's schedule. The surf event is held at Varunulaa Surf Area from November 10 through November 19, 2022.

The competition features the men's and women's shortboard, master's, and longboard stand up paddling categories. The junior section of the national competition has been eliminated because the junior surf championship was launched this year. However, the Maruhabaa Cup, a brand-new MSA tournament, introduced a team event.

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