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Gaamaadhoo Kolhu 2022 - Areef’s return, Agil on lead

Rabeeha Amir
07 October 2022, MVT 16:26
Areef (C), Agil (R), and Najih (L); Dhivehi Surf League 2022 : Gaamaadhookolhu - K. Himmafushi Heat 1-- Photo: MSA
Rabeeha Amir
07 October 2022, MVT 16:26

MTCC Dhivehi Surf League’s 4th event kicked off in Kaafu Himmafushi on October 4.

Hussein Areef (Iboo), the current Rannamaari Challenge surf champion, is taking part in the league and making a comeback. He last competed in the Rannamari Challenge 2019 where he got the champion title.

Iboo previously participated in the Redbull Ride My Wave competition in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, where he advanced to the semifinals. Iboo is competing in a surf competition organised by the Maldives Surf Association for the first time since winning the title of national champion.

In the first heat of the men’s open division Iboo competed alongside Mohamed Najih, Luqman Mohamed and Ahmed Agil (Ammaday), who is currently ranking first in the national level.

Ammaday triumphed in the match with a 0.5 point advantage. In the first two waves, he received scores of 5.83 and 7.67 for a total of 13.50 points. Iboo earned a total of 13 points with scores of 6.83 and 6.17.

After the first heat Iboo said, "It’s nostalgic. I haven’t competed in three years but still have a competitive streak in me".

Iboo responded when asked if he intended to win the title, "I will work for it and I will only know when the competition progresses".

Ammaday, the Muli Kolhu and Huraa Kolhu champion, declared that reaching the finals is his goal. He anticipates taking part in additional heats with Iboo.

Both Iboo and Ammaday have secured spots in the third heat whilst third place Najih and fourth place Luqman has to go for a repo round in the second heat. Najih scored 4.80 points and Luqman did not attend the heat.

In the Junior Division 17 athletes are to participate. After the first event for the first time, the women’s open division with 4 athletes is to be held.

Following the conclusion of the current league this Saturday, the next national competition (Rannamaari Challenge) by Maldives Surfing Association will be held in November at Raalhugandu.

For the first time ever, the Maldives Surfing Association (MSA) has also planned a Junior Championship for both boys and girls, which will take place from October 26 through October 29.

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