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Male' city council to commence buggy service in Vilimale'

Malika Shahid
22 September 2022, MVT 15:45
[File] Buggy Service in Vilimale'
Malika Shahid
22 September 2022, MVT 15:45

Male' city council has announced that they will provide the buggy service in Vilimale', and are seeking vehicles required for the operation.

According to the announcement, six environmentally friendly buggies are required to provide the service. Therefore, those who wish to provide electric buggies to the council are asked to clarify the information on Wednesday 11 a.m. and submit quotations before 10 a.m. on October 5.

The information session will be held at Henveiru Hulhugali; city council's procurement section. Quotations will also be accepted by the procurement section.

Buggy services are in operation in Vilimale'; the fifth neighborhood of Male' city by "99 Holdings". However, the city council is unhappy with the way the company has been providing the service.

The court issued an interim order on August 31 not to comply with the letter sent by the city council to vacate the land allocated to the company within seven days.

However, 99 Holdings says the city council has not done some of the things stipulated in the agreement, which include bus routes and stops. The company said said the council had decided to cancel the agreement without facilitating these conditions.

The case is currently pending in court and both sides are awaiting the decision of the Civil Court.

Male' city council mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said many people complain to him about the buggy service.

"Although the court has not yet decided the case, we are working towards finding a solution," the mayor said, speaking on the need for an environmentally friendly transport system in Vilimale'.

Muizzu said the council will come up with a solution which will not interfere with the current case in court.

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