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Murder suspect chef slapped with 15 more days of remand

Mohamed Rehan
02 May 2022, MVT 13:22
Publicly circulated image of Abid, the prime suspect of the murder incident -- Photo: Police
Mohamed Rehan
02 May 2022, MVT 13:22

The remand on Pakistan's chef, the prime and only suspect of the Hulhumale' restaurant murder case, has been ordered with a remand of another 15 days.

The chef is alleged with the murder of a Bangladeshi expatriate who was employed at the restaurant along with him as well.

The incident was reported earlier in April amid Islamic sacred month of Ramadan, at a restaurant in the satellite town.

Pakistan national, Mohamed Abid, who was employed as the restaurant's chef was apprehended by local authorities shortly after he fled the scene of crime.

On Sunday, 01st May, Maldives Criminal Court sentenced another 15 day remand on Abid to be held at a custodial jail owing to the exhaustion of the previous remand period.

Meanwhile, the suspect claimed he had not been provided with medical treatment for the injuries he received to his head during the violent altercation. The court had ordered local authorities to investigate the matter further.

Local authorities attest Abid was arrested from Hulhumale'-Phase II after absconding from the scene.

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