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Travel as a Cure for Creative Blocks.

Can travel make you creative? By Aminath Ishrath

25 September 2021, MVT 13:20
Travel as a Cure for Creative Blocks. Image curtesy to Maldives Photographer Hassaan, Hawk Studios
25 September 2021, MVT 13:20

If we were to search for some tips on how to overcome a creative block, one of the most common ones would ask us to step away from work. Rest, sleep, take a walk, exercise, book a vacation – all of which suggests stepping outside of our current environment and immersing in something new, somewhere new. Could travelling be a cure?

When we travel, we are immersed in a new place. By doing this, we allow our brains to become more flexible when taking in new landscapes, meeting strangers, forming new bonds and learning new cultures. We tend to stretch ourselves a bit more and make way for new thinking while travelling. This is the best way that we can see things from a new perspective. That same thought process can then be applied to the workplace or personal life, whichever area we are facing a creative block in.

Travelling also allows us to tweak our personalities and attitudes. While going about our routine life, we may face certain blocks due to inherent qualities in our personalities. Travelling to a new place, especially away from our home country, can make us more empathetic and accepting of other peoples’ ways. This in turn allows us to explore new cultures with a more open mind to different ways of life, forming a well-travelled highly creative individual.

Families can also make good use of travelling to broaden kids’ learning environments. “Ed-ventures” is an emerging trend where we combine holiday and education for kids. Let’s say the kids spend an entire week in the Maldives. Their days are occupied with snorkelling some of the richest reefs on the planet with marine biologists teaching them all about the elusive marine life they encounter. Or they could be heading out to a fishing adventure and try their hand at catching a reef fish which can then be prepared for dinner. Or spend the afternoon taking a tour of the island’s garden and recycling facilities to get an idea of how the island operates smoothly. All these experiences create curious, loving, mindful children who will have a more creative headspace to approach life later on.

So to answer the big question “can travel make you creative?” Yes! If done right with an open mind, travelling can be the distraction we need to be happy and inspired enough to open up the creativity in us.

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